Creative Arts - 1CVA10 and 2CVA20

Students undertake a specialised study within or across one or more Performing Arts disciplines. They actively participate in the development and presentation of creative arts products. These may take the form of, for example, musicals, plays, concerts, community dance, drama or musical performances, presentations and vocal groups or other ensembles.

Students analyse and evaluate performance based creative arts products in different contexts and from various perspectives and gain an understanding and appreciation of the ways in which performance based creative arts contribute to and shape the intellectual, social, and cultural life of individuals and communities.

Creative Arts - Performing has the following topics in both Stage 1 and Stage 2

  • Creative Arts Process in performance based artforms
  • Development and Production of a performance for an audience
  • The study of concepts and elements in performance for a live audience  
  • Creative Arts in Practice using technology like film, sound, lighting, or stage managing

Stage 2 Assessment (Stage 1 Assessment mirrors the requirements of Stage 2)

School-based Assessment                       Weighting                          
Product 50%
Inquiry 20%
External Assessment  
Practical Skills 30%

Visual Arts - 1VAA10 & 2VAA20 (ART) / 1VAD10 & 20VAA (Design)

Visual Arts is categorised into the two broad areas of Art and Design.

The broad area of Art encompasses both artistic and crafting methods and outcomes. The processes of creation in both art and craft include the initiation and development of ideas, research, analysis, and exploration of ideas, experimentation with media and techniques, and resolution of a practical work.

The broad area of Design encompasses communication and graphic design, environmental design, and product design. It emphasises a problem-solving approach to the generation of ideas or concepts, and the development of visual representation skills to communicate resolutions.

During this course students are guided to explore an interest in either Arts or Design as a method of creating visuals for an audience.

Students engage in conceptual, practical, analytical, and contextual aspects of creative production. This subject emphasises visual thinking, investigation and the ability to develop ideas and concepts, refine technical skills, and produce imaginative solutions. An integral part of Visual Arts is the documentation of visual thinking. Students learn to communicate personal ideas, beliefs, values, thoughts, feelings, concepts, and opinions, provide observations of their lived or imagined experiences, and represent these in visual form to engage an audience.

Visual Arts – Art
Visual Arts – Design

Stage 1 Topics

  • Print making and its processes in visual design or art making
  • Exploration of printmakers and their processes, techniques and inspiration
  • New printmaking technologies like 3D Printing, Digital Printing and laser printing
  • Exploration of own artmaking using chosen materials of interest

Stage 2 Topics

  • Creation of own inquiry project using chosen materials, techniques and processes
  • Recording of visual thinking in a folio showing refinement of 2 final art or deign forms
  • Self-directed visual inquiry to resolution of artform and concept

Stage 2 Assessment (Stage 1 Assessment mirrors the requirements for Stage 2)

School-based Assessment                               Weighting                   
Folio 40%
Practical 30%
External Assessment  
Visual Study 30%