Good Shepherd Lutheran College NT Incorporated is an education institution of the Lutheran Church of Australia South Australia District Incorporated (LCA SA/NT District).

The Board is comprised of up to seven voting members endorsed by the Lutheran Education South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia (LESNW), and two non-voting members. Members come from the St Andrew and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church congregations, other church congregations in the Darwin region and community members. The College Principal and Parish Pastor are non-voting members of the Board. The College Board acknowledges the Principal as the College’s educational and spiritual leader.

The Board is responsible for the College’s strategic direction, establishing goals for management and monitoring the achievement of these goals. To assist in the execution of its responsibilities, the Board has established two Standing Committees.

  • Finance, Audit and Risk
  • Strategic Engagement

College Board 2021

Maja van Bruggen

David Alm
Helen Taylor
Sam Bakara
Joel Norton
Sheeba David
Beverley Ratahi

Non-Voting Members
Heather Vogt (Principal)