Old Collegians
Strong links to our past

Good Shepherd Lutheran College established its 'Old Collegians' program in 2011 following the graduation of its first Year 12 cohort. The College places great emphasis on maintaining active and vital links with former students and encourages them to retain their membership of the College’s wider community through social events, such as reunions and guest speaker program.

Old Collegians provide articles and photos for newsletters, Facebook and Instagram and are extremely popular with our community. The 'Where Are They Now' series in 2020 was incredibly successful and College students found comfort and encouragement in the stories - especially during a time of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Good Shepherd has held '5 Year Reunions' each year since 2016 and in 2021 will celebrate its first 10 Year Reunion for its first graduating class - 2011.

The opportunities for Old Collegians continue to develop. They will always be a part of our community and are most welcome to become involved and support the College in achieving its mission. For additional information regarding this program, please contact us: 8983 0300 / admin@goodshepherd.nt.edu.au