Supporting Defence Families

Defence School Mentor

Good Shepherd is very fortuante to have the extra support of a Defence School Mentor and other Defence Force personnel who meet with students on a regular basis. This is at the discretion of both the parents and the student.

International Baccalaureate World School Status

Good Shepherd is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and is aware of the many challenges faced by Defence Force families, especially children as they transition from one posting to the next. The IB is an important support for smooth transitions - it is an international curriculum with assessment criteria and standards that are recognised in IB schools and Universities worldwide.

Specialised Support Staff

The College’s Heads of School at each campus, Head of Positive Education and Student Liaison Officer can ensure the provision of personalised assistance; enabling children to settle into a new school as quickly as possible. Class and Pastoral Care teachers also contribute largely to the settling in process and greatly assist with the transition. Good Shepherd places huge emphasis on student wellbeing.

Partnerships and Connectedness

Good Shepherd recognises the integral partnership with parents in their children’s success at school and seek to nurture a sense of connectedness with the school community through; Welcome Evenings, Class Carer Events, Discos, movie nights and many other Family focused events, Parent Workshops, various Information Evenings and Combined College / Church Worship Services. Good Shepherd believes that connectedness to school and a sense of belonging is a foundation of resilience which is especially important for Defence children who experience a high degree of social change. This is a cornerstone of the College's Positive Education focus.

Strengths-based Approach

Good Shepherd provides many opportunities for students to enhance relationships and connectedness; enabling them to engage in activities that build on their strengths. Many sporting opportunities are provided; Netball, AFL and Rugby being the most popular. The College works alongside various community groups who utilise College facilities for training and competitions - regularly advertised in College newsletters.

Parent Support

Families are supported via the College’s highly successful Class Carer program and Friends of Good Shepherd (FoGS). Class carers organise events on weekends and during holiday breaks, enabling not only students, but parents to get to know and better support one another. Parents are invited to volunteer and support many of the College’s programs but do need to hold a current NT Ochre Card and complete an online program called ‘Valuing Safe Communities’.

Specialised Programs

Good Shepherd provides a very effective Learning Support / Enrichment program for all students from Transition to Year 12. Senior leaders offer support to younger students through a very successful reading and peer support program. The Homework Centre at the Middle and Senior Campus operates four afternoons a week - a well utilised resource.

Please contact the College if there is anything further you would like to know, especially in regard to support of Defence families - 8983 0300 or email:

Sometimes, when posted, we expect support but don't always get it...Good Shepherd delivered way more than ever promised and our children are benefitting enormously. This school is at the cutting edge of many initiatives and is one to be watched - thanks for supporting Defence families and more, we woudn't want to be anywhere else.