Assessment within the MYP at Good Shepherd Lutheran College seeks to engage learners in relevant and rigorous learning experiences where learners can demonstrate their knowledge and understanding and their ability to apply a variety of skills. Each learning area within the MYP assesses learners against internationally-recognised assessment criteria. All MYP learners at Good Shepherd Lutheran College, are assessed using the International Baccalaureate international standard for assessment - the subject-specific, age-appropriate assessment criteria. This ensures that our College adheres to a rigorous means of an international-standard for teaching, learning and assessment of learning.

Within the MYP at Good Shepherd Lutheran College we report to our parent/carer community four times throughout the academic year.

Term 1: Three-Way Conferences

Three-Way Conferences are a way in which we ensure that all learners are actively involved in the reporting process of their learning within our classrooms. In a three-way conference the teacher, learner and their parents/carers each have equal part in the reflection and discussion on student learning.

Term 2: MYP Academic Progress Report

The MYP Academic Progress Report is a report of each learner's progress partway through the academic year against the MYP assessment criteria. Each learning area provides a report on learners progress and reflection and goal setting experiences are made as a result of the MYP Academic Progress Report.

Term 3: Student-led Conferences

Student-led Conferences are exactly that, a conference led by students. All learners within the MYP at Good Shepherd Lutheran College are encouraged to be active participants who take ownership of their learning. Student-led Conferences allow learners to take ownership of their learning and to demonstrate their communication and reflection skills as they report on their own learning.

Term 4: MYP Academic Report

The MYP Academic Report is the final academic year report for each MYP year against the MYP assessment criteria. Each learning area provides a report on learners achievement, taking into consideration the improvements learners have made throughout the year as they have engaged in increasingly complex articulations of the internationally recognised assessment criteria. Students are awarded an IB Grade from 1 to 7 for each of their subjects (including the Community Project in Year 8 and the Personal Project in Year 10). The grades are determined by applying a formula determined by the IB that considers the student’s most consistent results in each criterion. All MYP grades have descriptors, which are used to determine the student’s overall level of success in a course. The grade indicates the descriptor that best describes the student’s success.