Within our IB Middle Years Programme at Good Shepherd Lutheran College we are committed to providing a holistic learning experience for all our students. A valuable aspect of a holistic learning experience is our Arts and Design subject offerings. The Arts subjects that we offer at Good Shepherd Lutheran College are Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. The Design subjects we offer at Good Shepherd Lutheran College are Engineering and Robotics, Food Design, Materials CAD and Web and Graphic Design.

Year 6 students at Good Shepherd Lutheran College embark on a year-long introductory course within both Arts and Design. This includes engaging, inquiry-based learning experiences where students learn the foundational basics of both visual and performing arts, and digital and product design.

Year 7 and Year 8 students participate in a two-year rotation, concurrently engaging in all four of the Arts subjects and all four of the Design subjects. Because we are committed to providing a diverse range of learning experiences for our students, it is a requirement that all students participate in all of the eight subjects we offer.

Building on from these learning engagements in Years 7 and 8, Year 9 students are given the opportunity to choose two of the eight Arts or Design subjects we offer to engage in from the beginning of Year 9 through to the end of Year 10. By choosing two subjects, students are able to establish grounding in a discipline of their choice, develop a variety of specialist skills in two areas of their choice and have the opportunity for multiple creative artistic expressions and purposeful product designs, which could provide a basis for Stage 1 and Stage 2 subject selection and career pathways beyond.

Towards the end of Year 8, students will be presented with a preference process to elect for the Arts and Design subject areas they wish to pursue in Years 9 and 10. Students will make their subject selection decisions via the Web Preferences online program we have in place at Good Shepherd. These preferences will be taken into account along with their demonstrated effort and engagement with the available subject areas in Years 7 and 8.

In Year 10 of the Middle Years Programme, Physical and Health Education is no longer a compulsory component of our Middle Years Programme curriculum. Students will be given the option to swap one of their Arts and Design subject selections with Physical and Health Education in order to engage in a year-long Physical and Health Education course. This opportunity will be available to students at the very beginning of Year 10.

For more information regarding the learning experiences offered in each of the Arts and Design subjects, along with the Year 10 Physical and Health Education subject, please see the Middle Years Programme Learning Journey on our College website.

Should you wish to speak with a member of our College community regarding these subject offerings, please contact the College on 8983 0300 or email: admin@goodshepherd.nt.edu.au

Visualisation of MYP Arts and Design Journey

* (Inclusive of the Year 10 Physical and Health Education Subject Offering)

MYP Arts and Design Subject Change Process

Should Year 9 and Year 10 MYP Arts and/or Design students wish to change their Arts and/or Design subject selection the following process is in place to guide this change.
*Changes can only be made in Week 7 and Week 8 of Term 4 as part of Step Up.