Beautiful Book Bounty for Junior School Libraries

Rotary Book Donations

Thank you so much to Rotary Club of Litchfield / Palmerston for the very generous donation of book packs for each of our Junior School libraries.

During September, Rotary Clubs around the world (now over 1.4M Clubs) celebrate Basic Education and Literacy Month and since 2013 the Rotary Club of Litchfield / Palmerston has participated with the Books for Children Project.

The club has selected 3 beautiful children's books, two by local authors, Mel Kowalik - Peanut Butter Monster and Maree McCarthy Yeolu - Brother Moon. The third book is the newest, hot off the press and 12th in the series of Eva Marie Welsh's children's wildlife storybooks called, Wazzie's, Little Adventure.

Our three Junior School Heads are photographed with the book packs, Mrs Pulsford, Mrs Gunn and Mrs Trathen. Thank you Rotary Club of Litchfield / Palmerston for the incredible work you do and for thinking of our Good Shepherd students.