Visual Art

Visual Art is a vital curriculum component and many opportunities are provided to students from Transition to Year 5. Students produce a range of artistic works including drawings, painting, ceramics, prints, computer graphics and animation.

Student artwork is regularly sourced for College publications, such as the year book, powerpoint presentations, flyers, promotional materials and fundraising projects. Artwork is also displayed at Fred’s Pass and Royal Darwin Shows, with students regularly receiving individual and group awards. 

The highly anticipated arts evening, ‘ARTiculate’ is held each year, showcasing students' artwork.


Drama gives Transition to Year 5 students the opportunity to work with others, participating in and reflecting on the planning, rehearsal and performance of a dramatic piece. 

College musicals are huge drawcards, involving many Middle and Senior School students. They may spend 6 months rehearsing to ensure a stellar result. Performances are usually held over a number of days and the venue can differ from year to year. All students are encouraged to attend the College musical as they are outstanding events and can certainly assist younger students develop a passion for Drama.