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Year 4 Students Impacted by 'Developing World Day'

Palmerston Campus 4CG students participated in a ‘Developing World Day’ yesterday. They experienced what it might be like to live and go to school in a less fortunate part of the world. A few things they experienced included: no air conditioning or electricity, long walks around the school grounds with backpacks to simulate walking long distances to and from school, long walks to collect drinking water, no tables or chairs, a vastly smaller room, only one piece of A4 paper each and one lead pencil each for the whole day.

On top of all this, students had no brain snack or recess and were provided with plain rice only for lunch. They were all exceptionally hungry, some even 'hangry', by lunchtime.

Mr Sean Synnott visited and shared stories about his time growing up in Papua New Guinea. Someone sponsored a child in the class allowing them another piece of paper and a chair. After our long walk ‘home’ at the end of the day, students found that a care package had been delivered in the form of an air-conditioned classroom and a Zooper Dooper each.

Students reflected on the day and discussed their gratitude for what we are privileged to have. What a wonderful way to begin the first day of our new Unit of Inquiry which is going to be all about Rights and the equality of resource distribution.

More photos here:

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