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Year 3 Class Create 'Space Adventure' for Transition Students

Year 3 Palmerston Campus students have been investigating "How the world works" through the Central Idea 'Exploration and technology impact our lives'. While Transition students have been investigating "How we organise ourselves" through the Central Idea 'Human-made systems influence the lives of people within and between communities'.

The Year 3 Space Experts planned an exciting adventure for Transition students. We watched a video of a rocket taking off then filled in our 'Boarding Pass' with a Year 3 buddy. Year 3 had laid out all the planets on the grass from Transition up to their Space Station. Then they showed us the planets and gave us information about each one. Did you know that Jupiter has lots of moons? Did you know that Pluto is not a planet?

Then they took us to their Space Station (classroom) to show us everything they have been learning about space. Some things Transition learnt were:
- the sun is a star
- the Solar System has lots of planets
- there are asteroids in space
- the Earth goes around the sun
- we use a rocket to go into space
- Earth has 1 moon
- you can float in space

A massive thank you to the Year 3 students for the amazing effort they put in as well as Miss Haynes and Miss Cronin

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