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Where Are They Now - Nicholas Hockey

Hi there, I'm Nicholas Hockey - what I've been doing since leaving Year 12, that is a bit of a story right there.

I graduated Year 12 in 2013 and like most, was clueless of what I wanted to do once I left. I studied at CDU in the science field for two years before going part time and joining the Northern Territory Police Force. I spent over three years travelling the NT, from desert to tropics, seeing every part of the NT which is normally inaccessible to most. I went from arrest to rescues; the rescue's involved wildlife more often than people. That still wasn't my forever job, so in 2019 I packed up my bags and left for Melbourne, now currently sitting in the Senior Administrative Officer role in Fines Victoria, overseeing all the fines issued in the State of Victoria. I like my current role but I wouldn't say it's my forever job either.

My favourite memory of Good Shepherd would be debating subjective opinions with our teachers. It is a rare opportunity in school life to be able to express your opinions to a teacher and have them talk to you as an equal. Don't forget all the less than intelligent pranks I pulled with my friends, or the ones they pulled and I received detention out of guilt by association.

If you don't know what you want to do in life, this advice might help. It's okay to not know what you want to do and it's okay for it to constantly change, it means you're growing as a person. No job is beneath you and it's all valued experience, you never know when you will have to draw on that in a future job. A job does not define your worth, being a doctor is no better than being a tradesman - both are equally needed, a doctor can't work without a clinic being built. Do not live by others standards, otherwise you will miss out on joyful experiences.

Grow with your friends but don't let those friendships dictate your life choices. With challenge comes opportunity, however failure is a great lesson of what not to do in the future. Don't know where to start, start a job with the government and explore.

Just remember COVID-19 has only changed the way the world works, in my experience it has just been another challenge which brought new opportunities. Be flexible and adaptive, find new ways of achieving your goals and in that you might be surprised what will come your way.

Be kind to your teachers because they drink a lot of wine to mark those assignments".

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