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Where Are They Now - Joshua McCorkell

“My name is Joshua McCorkell, I graduated from Good Shepherd Lutheran College in 2012. Immediately after leaving school I worked in a mining laboratory for Bureau Veritas as a laboratory technician and then a communications trade’s assistant for the Ichthys LNG INPEX project at the accommodation village.

Once the accommodation village work was completed late 2013 I was unable to continue with the INPEX project, so I went to work at the Darwin International Airport as an Aviation Security Officer which kicked off five years of work in the security industry.

From 2013 - 2018 I had worked multiple roles that included aviation security, mobile patrols, court house security, parliamentary security, covert loss prevention, crowd control and transport security. While working in the security industry I studied and completed a Diploma of Business which greatly assisted in understanding clients’ needs and my own employer’s policies - in the near future I intend to complete my Batchelor’s degree.

Over this time I worked at temporary sites that included the set of a TV show and a party held for the board of one of Australia’s big 4 banks. Although parts of my career were interesting to me at times, I felt like a complete change and so applied with the Northern Territory Police Force to be a JESCC call taker in early 2018. The role I was offered though was a new role at the time called Police Auxiliary Liquor Inspector, this is what has made up my full time employment till now and I have since been posted to Alice Springs Police Station.

My role in the police force has me performing a range of functions from general inquiries at the front counter to custodial care in the watch house. Beginning 2019, I enlisted into the Australian Army as a part time soldier and completed basic training mid-August. I have since then achieved the rank of Patrolman and have been posted to NORFORCE Centre Squadron, located in Alice Springs.

As a Patrolman I assist in the reconnaissance and surveillance of Australia’s northern borders by conducting patrols in the northern part of the country by sea and/or land.

My fondest memories of Good Shepherd are Pedal Prix and the trip to Adelaide to look at universities there as it was a good chance to see what is on offer in regards to higher education. The best advice I could give any Year 12 student at this time is to do your best, to be truthful in your dealings with others; nothing is more appreciated in a person than their integrity.”

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