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Tournament of Minds 2018

On Saturday 1 September two teams from the Middle School performed their Long Term Solutions for the Tournament of Minds Competition, at Charles Darwin University. The teams had been working for six weeks on solving both an Arts problem and a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) problem. Both teams along with the 4 other Junior Campus teams from Palmerston and Leanyer had to solve a Spontaneous Problem as well, on the day in a closed room in front of a panel of judges. Our teams at the Middle School were made up of Year 6, 7, 8 and 9 Students. Following the competition, Good Shepherd received an email from an observer at the STEM presentation who reported that the team he observed were, ‘respectful, polite and clearly demonstrated good teamwork – I could clearly see the values of the school coming through’. Wow, what a lovely commendation! The STEM presentation involved a video made by the team, of the discovery of an animal previously thought to be extinct. The team had to have a working model of the organism they had found based on their video, along with detailed drawings with field notes.

Our Arts Team provided us with an exciting result, when they won ‘Tournament Honours’ for their combined Long Term presentation and Spontaneous Problem Solving. On the day this team had a member away (Ashlei Fidler), due to illness and were very inventive in their way of handling the absence of this character by creating a costume with half of a character on each side, which allowed Jordyn Bradshaw to move between the two characters. This team had to write a musical to appeal to all ages with the theme of ‘freedom’. The students had to include a song from the 1960’s, fashion from the 1980’s, a dance from the 1920’s and a piece of art from the 1940’s in their presentation.

The team members were as follows:

Arts Challenge                             

Jordyn Bradshaw                              
Ashlei Fidler             
Jocelyn Mayger                               
Victoria Brenton                                                              
Thomas Willis                                                                   
Emma Willis                                    
Willow Townsend                                                         

STEM Challenge

Russel Cordova
Alfie Bell
Shivam Choudhary
Robin Bartie
Thomas Breed

The collaborative support of Casey Manson (Learning Support Officer) and Andy Ewers (Occupational Therapist) was a contributing factor in the success of the teams this year. These ladies who joined me as facilitators of the teams, collaborated with me in different areas to make sure that the organisation in the lead up and on the day, went smoothly. Casey spent much time setting up the logistics of the practice sessions for both teams, which included guest teachers talking about Design and Acting. Casey also did a lot of the footwork in gathering the team members together. Both Casey and Andy took responsibility for prepping a team each. Andy stayed on Tournament Day to cover later performances and supported her team in the late afternoon on the day before the competition. So it was collaboration all round in the Tournament of Minds world this year. Thankyou to the parents who supported the teams by having practices at their homes. I’d just like to add on behalf of Andy, Casey and myself that we were very proud of our participants, the effort they put in and the resilience and perseverance they showed in getting their solution in front of the judges.

Marie Robertson
Learning Enrichment Coordinator

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