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Outstanding Results for Year 12 Students

Congratulations to all students who attained an 'A' in one or more Stage 2 (Year 12) subjects in 2020:

Kaitlyn Abram, Jacob Anstice, Michael Baxter, Alyssa Bradshaw, Kassie Bush, Rianna Carlson, Sophie Carlton, Emily Davis, Kym Errity, Fairooz Farzana, Amy Fisher, Stevie Fitzgerald, Damon Fogg, Stella Foster, Amelia Gordon, Lydia Hebb, Grace Jabour, Tiana James, Lucy Kealy, Kristan Keane, Harrison Langdon, Isaac Marshall, Tulley McMahon, Michael Nowlan, Nyasha Ogden, Laila Olm, Saskia Partridge, Alarna Politis, Jessica Porter, Sophie Reid, Sarah Ronnfeldt, Bodicea Saxelby and Abbie Springbett.

A very special congratulations to Tiana Gaffney and Lilli Pask who attained an A+ for their Stage 1 (Year 11) Research Project. Only three A+ results were awarded to NT students, and we are delighted to announce that two are from Good Shepherd.

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