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Leanyer Campus and St Anthony's, Timor - Kindred Spirits

The first of our donated books and supplies have arrived at St Anthony's in Timor-Leste, thanks to the help of the Australian Navy for delivering 5 boxes. St Anthony's and our Leanyer Campus are sister schools. Karen Koehler, Head of Junior School, visited Dili in August 2017 to establish the exciting relationship. Here's an extract from the article we published about the initiative last year:

“The students at my school are internationally minded,” Karen Koehler, Head of St Andrew Campus, says. “Our three core values are Identity, Service and Respect – knowing who we are, serving others, caring for others – and that underpins our relationship with St Anthony’s. We are a Christian school, and so is St Anthony’s, and that is a crucial link. Some of our students have written letters to the SAIS students asking about their lives and talking about themselves. We are broadening students’ outlooks, and helping create connections, global awareness and meaningful relationships.”

The powerhouse behind SAIS is founder Cristina Costa. “Education is so important for the kids of Timor-Leste,” Ms Costa says. “I want to get our school to international standard. A key to this is linking with an overseas school, and we are so fortunate to have St Andrew GSLC as our Sister School. Mrs Karen (Koehler) has worked with our teachers to give them professional development, and we are excited about what the future holds".

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