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Good Shepherd Students Shine at 'Languages Speech Contest'

On Saturday 31 August, Years 5-12 students competed at the Inaugural Languages Speech Competition of the Northern Territory. Good Shepherd was represented in all three languages: German, French and Japanese.

The standard of this competition was incredibly high, with the best from each school coming to compete. Through this annual contest, students had an opportunity to use public speaking skills in a real-life scenarios and have their hard work and accomplishments recognised. It has been an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their public speaking skills, and there was also money and wonderful prices awarded.

The adjudicators made their decision based on the matter, manner and method the contestants employed in presenting their speeches. Contestants were expected to be confident and engaging speakers. The prepared speeches showed an understanding of multiculturalism and open-mindedness and were well developed and interesting. The majority of the contestants also demonstrated a balance of personal opinion and information in their speeches, as well as a balance of humour and sincerity.

We would like to congratulate all participating students for the commitment they put into learning their speeches, as well as give special acknowledgement to those who achieved a place or commendation.

German Awards
Division A (primary and Year 6)

  • First Place – Maya Wheeler, Emma Dunlop and Helena Macrylos
  • Second Place – Lily Hayes
  • Third Place – Amelia Beaton, Maddy Hayes, Aurora McDonald and Charlize Marshall
  • Division B (Year 7)
  • First Place – Genevieve Mayger and Chloe Plumeier
  • Second Place – Aisha Coppen and Luana Murray
  • Division C (Year 8)
  • First Place – Mali Mancer and Elizabeth Peart
  • Second Place – Charlotte Radford
  • Third Place – Cara Underhill and Keysha Bui-Oatway
  • Division F (Year 11 and Year 12)
  • First Place – Laura Brady
  • Second Place – Lydia Hebb
  • Third Place – Anita Cercarelli

Japanese Awards

  • Year 7 Group Presentation - 2nd, Grace Cuthbertson & Imogen Stockwell
  • Year 8 Individual Speech Presentation - 1st, Charlotte Comitalo
  • Year 8 / 9 Group Presentation - 2nd, Isabelle Wilson & Sopon Yong
  • Senior Division, Individual Speech Presentation - Sponsor’s Award, Kym Errity

French Awards

Year 7 Group, 1st place - Leah Musgrave, Kalila Rioux and Emily Willis

Thank you Goethe-Institut Sydney, Japanese Foundation and Alliance Françoise for your support and wonderful prizes.

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