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Good Shepherd Students Blitz NT Science Awards

A huge congratulations to our many junior, middle and senior 'NT Science Awards' winners. Prizes will be presented on Thursday 22 November (which coincidentally is the same night as our Awards and Year 12 Graduation Service). Science Learning Area Coordinator, Jessica Neilsen will be present to collect awards for our students. Categories included: practical investigation, innovations and inventions, recycled bugs, be crocwise, scientific communication (non multimedia), scientific communication (multimedia). Well done everyone, this is fantastic!

Congratulations to:

Isaac Marshall, Rachael Broeckel, Nel Russel Cordova, Lacey Rutland, Deby Prianti, Lily Harden, Ashley Driver, Zoe Benson, Isabelle Wilson, Maurice Blake, Mali Mancer, Connor Marshall, Daisy Yannakouros, Jorja Goody, Les Harris, Seth Sommerville, Michael Bradtke, Daniel Espuis, Eli Sommerville, Harrison Trainer, Isobel Hocking, Leighton Reeves, Samuel Galvin, Carter Davis, Noah O'Connor, Freya Galati, Tristan Storey, Jeremy Baxter, Alex Eadie, Finn Lewis, Cooper Ferme, Sophie Bedggood, Zara Pattern, Abby Yesberg, Mitchell Farebrother, Dallas Wynne, Alexander Nolan, Alyssa Firth, Zoe Jeremiah, Lauren Krollig, Olivia Firth, Kalila Rioux.

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