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COVID-19 UPDATE – Use of Inpex Village

After talking earlier today with representatives from NT Health and NT Police the following information has been provided in regard to the use of the Inpex Village as a possible quarantine site. The site will be used for those who have been in close contact with a person with a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus and are unable to self-isolate, either due to not having a home in Darwin to self-isolate in, or not being able to return home due to the vulnerability of those within the home. In addition it may be used to accommodate those who are diagnosed with coronavirus virus however are not ill enough to require hospitalisation. Security will be provided at the Village when it is used as a quarantine site. We have again been assured that the health and safety of the students of the College will not be impacted, just as in recent times when it was used to accommodate those from Wuhan or the Diamond Princess.

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