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CAFE 5: Create - Act - Flourish - Empower

Thank you Palmerston Campus, Year 5 teacher Chelsey Tolhurst for this great post...

"What a busy few weeks we've had in Cafe 5. Through our Unit of Inquiry, 'Who we are', we've been inquiring into how 'Human characteristics influence action'. To do this, we have looked at Personality Traits, Neuroplasticity and ways humans take action. We have completed and analysed six personality tests, created visual representation of our personalities, watched and reflected on TED talks including Barbara Arrowsmith-Young's amazing talk.

Today's task was to create a Growth Mindset Installation for another class in the school. Each student chose a class and they worked together to create their installation. Each group had to consider their audience - Transition, 1RK, 1ST, 2LM, 3MW, 4LM, 4RO, Staffroom, Library (all students) or Office (parents). It was great to hear and see the array of ideas they came up with.

Year 5 students have really embraced AGENCY and are making mature and confident decisions".

More photos can be found here:


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