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ANZAC Spirit Study Tour Recipient Shares Experience

Thank you very much to Year 11 student Jessica Porter for sharing your post study tour reflection. We hope this is helpful for anyone considering applying for the 2020 ANZAC Spirit Study Tour. More can be found here:

What was the highlight of the Study Tour for you and why?

The highlight of the tour was the 25th of April, Anzac Day. Where we experienced the dawn service at villers-bretonneux, had breakfast with the mayor and people of Le Hamel, and got to see a memorial where nature has taken over the trenches of the front lines between the allied lines and the German front lines.

How has this experience been rewarding?

In so many ways it has changed my perspective of the Anzac involvement on the Western front, as well as learning about history in a new way.

The tour has opened my eyes to see just how many men and women lost their lives in the horrific battles along the western front. Luckily I have not yet found any family who have died serving along the front, but the amount of graves with the last name Porter was devastating to think that could be my name if I lived 100 years ago and were a male in Australia.

Saying that it’s been rewarding to find that many of the unknown men have been identified bringing closure to their families. And to see the people on tour like Ron, Hannah, Peter, and others in our group be able to pay their respects to relatives who fought in the First World War brought light to a darker time in Australian history.

How has this experience been challenging?

It’s been challenging to think that the beautiful countrysides, buildings, and cobblestone roads were once the place where the Great War took place. Where young men, some younger than myself enlisted to give their today for our tomorrow.

I would highly recommend applying for the 2020 competition

The Chief ministers Anzac spirit study tour is about connecting Australia to our past and to other countries. It’s helping to develop youths to respect and further research into the importance of the Anzacs and Australia’s history. As well as have an amazing opportunity to put it into perspective.

The study tour is an exiting opportunity for students in the Northern Territory to take part in, and enter a submission to embark on a journey of a lifetime. An all expense paid trip to France and Belgium to explore the Anzac spirit and the relationship Australia has with France.

The Northern Territory rewards year 9 and 10 students hard working nature, with this all expense paid, once in a lifetime opportunity. For me personally it’s the second year that I got in, I got to the final 21 the first year not getting onto the successful students, but I persevered, as the Anzacs did, and made a second application in year 10 that enabled me to be in the top 3 student of the NT, and embark on a journey of a life time to Europe to explore the Anzacs along the Western Front.

So apply for the 2020 competition… and you could be the one standing in France and Belgium.

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