14 Nov 2019
Congratulations to all Palmerston Campus Year 5 students on their outstanding
13 Nov 2019
Well done Stage 1 (Year 11) Food and Hospitality students on your outstanding
12 Nov 2019
Howard Springs Campus Year 1 students stopped to reflect and say thank you to
12 Nov 2019
Thank you very much to our Leanyer Campus who have a special event planned each
11 Nov 2019
Howard Springs Campus, Year 3 student Tahlia has made her own scrunchies for
06 Nov 2019
Congratulations to Year 11 student, Harrison Langdon who attended a very
06 Nov 2019
Year 7 students conducted personal experiments - which their Science-loving
06 Nov 2019 our Palmerston Campus, Year 4LM students sold sausages and icy
06 Nov 2019
Year 1 students at our Howard Springs Campus just received their pen pal
30 Oct 2019
Thank you teacher, Bonnie Short for organising 'Nude Food Day' - part of the
30 Oct 2019
Now that's an excursion! Leanyer Campus Transition students, and staff had a
28 Oct 2019
Year 5 Palmerston Campus students would like to thank class parent, Kristy


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