22 Mar 2019
Congratulations to William van Bruggen, Thomas Willis and Bowen Kreymborg who
22 Mar 2019
Outstanding assemblies across all campuses in celebration of Harmony Day on
22 Mar 2019
Thank you so much Howard Springs Campus teachers, Carrie Griffiths and Jarrad
20 Mar 2019
The College’s Concert Band has resumed in 2019 and students are practicing
15 Mar 2019
Thank you Palmerston Campus, Year 5 teacher Chelsey Tolhurst for this great
14 Mar 2019
Wonderful to have Professor Lea Waters back with us today, working with our
14 Mar 2019
Palmerston Campus now has a STEAM room - available to students during class
13 Mar 2019
It was a wonderful occasion when all College leaders attended a special meeting
11 Mar 2019
Good Shepherd is a Visible Wellbeing School and this means that we not only
08 Mar 2019
Thank you Advancedlife for photographing all of our wonderful students this
05 Mar 2019
Thank you very much to the coach of our Senior Years NRL girls team for this
05 Mar 2019
Thank you so much Year 9 Food Design and Year 9 leaders for your assistance


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