Visible Wellbeing

Good Shepherd's Visible Wellbeing Journey

Good Shepherd Lutheran College’s approach to wellbeing is one of their fundamental points of difference in educating young Territorians, being the only school with a College wide, fully integrated approach based on the most recent psychological research and educational best practice.

The College has partnered with Professor Lea Waters (PhD), award winning and internationally acclaimed psychology researcher, over the course of two years to develop and integrate the Visible Wellbeing approach into all aspects of College life. Visible Wellbeing combines the science of positive psychology with best practice in pedagogy and organisational development to nurture staff and student wellbeing through three key elements;

  • make wellbeing an intentional and visible aspect of College life
  • systematically integrate evidence-based practices shown to increase wellbeing into all aspects of College life (not just the classroom)
  • use evidence to measure the effectiveness of these efforts in enhancing mental health, happiness and optimal learning outcomes

The Visible Wellbeing approach is practiced in over fifty schools in six countries. The College has embraced Visible Wellbeing due to its strong evidence base and the demonstrated link between wellbeing and student outcomes in school and life more broadly.

A Visible Wellbeing Message - Rachel Boyce, College Principal