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The title of the artwork is called ‘Butterflies’ because my artwork involves butterflies.

My artwork looks very calm because it has butterflies on a branch.

The details that I got on the branch stand out in my artwork.

I made my butterflies with trash, and it spreads the trash art message.

The art elements I used to communicate through my artwork involve tiny details on my branch.

The tools I used for my artwork were the clay sculpting tools and a stick to give the branch a more wildlife texture.

Something that inspired my artwork was the beauty of butterflies. Butterflies are one of my favorite animals and they look good on the branch.

The artwork spreads the sustainability message because the butterflies are made out of recycled plastic or cardboard.

The emotions I tried to use in my artwork involved calmness because it shows us that we can make trash calming and magnificent to look at.

My artist intention was to create a calming sculpture that is made of trash, my completed artwork followed the artist intention.

This piece reached my goals and the visual piece that I had in my mind that I thought it would turn out.

This artwork can help me improve my skills by practicing to work with clay, because I find clay really difficult to use.

I learnt many different skills in this artwork that can help me improve next art piece.

The artwork that I have created is exactly how I imagined and it looks very good.

This piece will influence my future artworks by giving me another option to work with trash for my artwork.