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Year 9 Visual Art - Sopon

'A Puppy's Great Love'

The series of 6 images expresses the identity, interests and personal life of a young jack Russell. The series ‘A Puppy’s great love’ was made up of various methods of art such as charcoal, sketches, photography and collage. The series was mainly consisted of newspapers and ripped pages of a novel. Engaging techniques were utilized, for instance, color, tone, angles and shade. Photographs were taken digitally with an iPhone camera and edited using an app called ‘prequel’. The photographs consisted of a vibrant warm colour, drawing the eyes of audiences. Photography techniques of angles and positioning was exhibited through ‘rule of thirds’ and ‘positioning of people and animals’. The photographs revealed slight texture with the dry and sharp grass along the bottom.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s and William Kentridge’s techniques was a main inspiration to create these artworks. Equipment that was utilized in these series were 2B pencils, lightbox, charcoal pencil, blender, paint (for a background), newspaper, a novel and Conti. Tone and shade were applied to the sketch creating a realistic angle and highlights. The majority of the series was based off aesthetically pleasing collage and colour. The charcoal and sketching artworks strongly showcased a black and white contrast with one another and remaining colours of the collage. Line and texture were notable as there was a solid and consistent line that confidently shaped the subject. There was evident texture being displayed within the photographs and one of the collages, as the paper was rough and ripped; symbolising tough times a puppy can have. Each artwork expressed a personal emotion or thoughts of the puppy. They all slightly expressed a separate emotion each. They all associated with the main emotion of love, playful and joy. Certain artworks communicated a calm layout and setting such as the fifth piece whilst others were an exciting and playful mood. The ‘mess’ and layout of the collage symbolised an eventful and energetic moment.

My goal as an artist was to be able to clearly communicate the life of a puppy in a thrilled and delighted manner. My artworks have helped me reach this goal because a puppy is constantly energetic and happy, meaning that the main emotion was confirmed. I wanted to be able to draw the attention of audiences. The techniques that I have learned and used have helped me complete these goals. Many techniques and styles of art was learned during the process of this whole series. I’ve learned how to set out a collage using Kentridge’s method of charcoal above it. I’ve learnt about realistic shading (sections that are meant to be in the dark) and how to use Conti for highlights. I’ve grown to become more comfortable with sketching as I learned to hand draw and replicate off a photograph.