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Year 9 Visual Art - Rylea

'My Identity'

My art work is a series of 4 images that display my Identity. The title of my art work “My Life”. I think that this title matches my art works because they identify what my day usually look like or the important things in my life. Some of the techniques that I have used in my artworks are cubism, charcoal, shading and photography. Some tools that I needed to create all of my art works were charcoal, pencil, watercolours and a camera. A lot of different artist have inspired me with many of my artworks. For example William Kentridge inspired me for my charcoal artwork. My artworks express my personally mainly because they are about me. For me the emotions that I feel when I look at my artworks are happiness and I also get a lot of memories from previous experiences. This final piece is not what imagined at first because at first I did not know what I wanted to do. Overall I feel like I’m am mainly proud of what I have done, if I could go back I would probably fix some things up but I think it is overall fine.​