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Year 9 Visual Art - Michael

'John's Identity'

The artwork that I have done outlines the identity of someone close to me. The artwork consists of four smaller artworks put together as one.

The first artwork is a charcoal sketch of this person’s face. This shows the person's personality and characteristics through his facial expression. Some of his characteristics include funniness, joy, and outgoingness.

The second artwork is another charcoal artwork of this person walking his dog on a beach. I have chosen to do this because it is a large part of his life to enjoy the tropical weather of Darwin and to have relaxing walks on the beach with his dog.

The third artwork is a painting of his favourite animal, an eagle. I believe the eagle really outlines this person because an eagle is a symbol of leadership, integrity, and bravery; three personality traits that this person really shines in.

The fourth artwork is a picture taken of this person’s eyes that has been edited to be black and white. I edited this photo like this because it makes him look intelligent and full of youthful life.