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Year 9 Visual Art - Mia

'Mia's Identity'

My 3 artworks are about my identity and what this mean to me. Those 3 artworks describe me as a person. My title for my artwork is 'Mia’s Identity'.

In the drawing about the buggy, it describes me because I enjoy going out in it. For this drawing I tried to do something different but it didn’t end up how I thought. I made this using my own ideas. I used sfumato and different types of techniques. In the buggy drawing I tried using a technique that makes some of it grey and some of it blue and black but I don’t know what type of technique it is.

I didn’t do enough work as I should’ve because I kept getting distracted every lesson, but in the last couple days I did the most work that I could’ve. My final artwork wasn’t what it was I thought it would be because I thought I would do more work but in the lessons I got distracted because I wasn’t very focused. I think next time I will be more focused on my work and do more.