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Year 9 Visual Art - Lindsay

'Kicking Back'

Kicking back (KB) is an artwork created to communicate my identity and personality. This artwork communicates my identity and what my life and personality is like. My artwork aims to show my identity and who I am as a Year 9 boy in Darwin.

I was influenced by the works of Da Vinci in the use of my shading and charcoal work. I was also influenced by Picasso in the use of collage and depth in my drawing. Also, the last artist I was inspired by is John Harris he is an Australian artist that specialises in digital art and photography he has inspired me to try and take some awesome looking pictures in the wild.

The production of my artworks includes digital photography in using viewpoint and aperture in the northern territory outback. I also tried using collage with printed pictures and pages out of books as well as a digital photography piece where I finished it on the outside with a charcoal pencil. And I also did a drawing of a native northern territory fish the barramundi I sort of drew it as a cartoon style as it is jumping out of the water to eat a lure from a fisherman after I had drawn it I fine-lined it and used hatching and sketching as well as a little shading to add some depth into it and make it a little more interesting.

One challenge that I had to overcome would probably just be thinking of ideas in my artworks and what to do because I was trying to do my own identity which was tricky. I believe that in the end I was able to portray my identity well through the pictures that I did, and they show my identity as a boy in the Northern Territory.