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Year 9 Visual Art - Janica

My first artwork I created was my frilled neck lizard, in this artwork the lizard has been drawn and the background is a paper cut out of the photo. To create this artwork I had printed out a photo of my lizard and cut the lizard out of the photo so I just had the background, I then stuck the background cut out onto a white piece of paper, I then traced my lizard into the missing piece after I had done that i started to colour in the lizard, I used natural colours including browns, reds, greys, blacks, whites and yellows. I have created this drawing to show my love and passion towards my animals. This drawing has helped me get closer to reaching my goal to being able to draw realistic pictures. I imagined my final piece to look like this, creating this artwork taught me that you can mess up a lot of times before you get the right thing you were looking for. For my second artwork I have painted a polaroid photo of me and my friends, for this painting I have used water colour paints. To make the polaroid photo I cut out a small piece of paper and drew a square in the middle, after that I had started sketching the photo of me and my friends, I then continued to start painting my painting, in this artwork I have used a variety of different colours including yellow, orange, pinks, red, blue, green, black etc. I have created this art piece because I like polaroid photos and because my friends have an impact on me every day. I expected my art piece to turn out better but, While creating this art piece I realised I am not meant for drawing faces.

'My Identity'

For my third artwork I cut out an outline of a laptop using paper, then I painted it black and the sides grey, in this artwork I have also glued my favourite song cover on the computer and drawn the symbols that are on Spotify when a song is playing. I have created this art piece to show my favourite song, and that I like to listen to music often. I think I could’ve putted more effort into this art piece.

My 4th drawing is a drawing of my favourite animal which is a giraffe, for this drawing I cut out a small rectangle and just used a lead pencil to complete the drawing, the giraffe has leaves in its mouth which shows their love for food, I have also drawn the giraffe like its from a cartoon because that is my favourite way to draw. I have created this drawing to show that I like nature. My drawing turned out the way I wanted it to. If I were to change it in any way I would add some colour to it, to give it character. 

My biggest painting is my 5th artwork and I painted it on a big canvas, this took me 2 whole days to finish painting, the painting is a simple black and white photo of a singer/rapper named Tupac. To make this artwork I had to sketch the photo of Tupac onto my canvas and then I started to paint the painting, making this artwork took a while because I had a large amount of space to cover and after a while of painting I ran out of black paint, so I tried using a different brand of black paint but it wasn’t the same shade, so in conclusion this painting was difficult to finish, but I am impressed with myself and how it turned out.

For my 6th artwork I didn’t paint or draw I took one of my other lizards outside and had a mini photo shoot, the techniques used in this photo include, colour, line, shape, texture etc. This photo has lots of colour on it and the first thing you’ll see when looking at the photo will be the white flower because it is much brighter than its surroundings. using this photo for one of my art pieces has shown how I like to do photography with my animals. This is how I imagined my photo to turn out but, I think this photo could have been better if the background was more blurred and the lizard had more focus on it.