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Year 9 Visual Art - Indah

'Melati's Life'

For my art I will be mapping the identity of my big sister, Melati. The name of my artwork is Melati's life. My artwork is a combo of 5 artworks, 4 are painting/drawings and the other one is a photo that I took. The first one I did is a bowl of ramen with her name is Japanese and pages of books in the background. I chose this because she really likes ramen and she loves to read books so I combined the two into one artwork. She also always wanted to go to Japan so I wrote her name in Japanese and it fits in the aesthetic of the artwork. The biggest element is painting and I used shadowing on under the bowl.

The other painting I did was a computer with a cut of her old maths book with a bunch of colours sounding the computer. I chose this because my sister is in year 12 and all she does is work so it shows her working and the colours represent the fun that she is missing out on. The other painting I did was a music cover to the song my sister likes radio ga ga by queen. I did this because she likes the artist queen and I chose one song from there that she really likes. I also did a painting of my sister’s year 12 jersey. I think this shows her identity because she is in year 12 which means she has finally going to graduate. The last art work I did was a photo of my sister’s cat, I chose this because she loves her cat a lot and he loves her and you couldn’t map her identity if she didn’t have her cat. This is why I think the artworks show her dentity. I used different method when doing my artworks. The first method I used when doing my ramen art work was painting. I used a paint brush and some acrylic paint to do all the details on the ramen and chop sticks and I also used black ink on the Japanese words.

I also got inspired by William Kentridge because in his artwork he was using the book pages then drew over it and that’s what I did in my art but just edited it a bit. In this artwork I tried to show how my sister has happy feeling for ramen and how loves it. Another artwork I did was a photo of my sister’s cat. The technique I used is photography, I put a toilet paper roll over the flash of my camera to make the circle affect. I got inspired by a tiktok post by @krazykay1228, in this artwork I was trying to show the connection with my sister and her cat. The media I used for my computer artwork is painting. The things I used to do my artwork was paint pens. For this artwork I didn’t get inspired by anyone i thought of it myself.

My other artwork was the music cover. The skills I used to do this was painting and blending. The materials I used was acrylic paint and paint pens. I got inspired by another tiktok post about them painting their favourite song on Spotify, I forgot there username. The last painting I did was my sister back of her head 12 jersey. The media I used was painting, the materials I used were paint pens. I did have a reference to this art I thought of it of my own because it shows her identity. My goal as an artist is to learn how the colours work and how to blend them and to draw really neat and make it look good. I think this art work helped me because I had to mix a lot of colours together and see what colours work and it helped me because I have a lot of small details and I made them look neat. In this artwork I learnt how to do blending and how to make colours. This is not how I imagined it because I didn’t get to finished them all so I need to improve on my timing skills, time management.