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Year 9 Visual Art - Hannah


My artwork looks like a series of 4 images that show my identity. Each artwork/image shows a different part of my identity. The first image is a cubism artwork that shows netball. It represents my identity as I play netball and it is one of my hobbies. The second image is a charcoal drawing of me and my Mum. It represents my identity as me and my Mum are very close and it represents my family which is one of the most important things to me. The third image is a collage artwork of my piano. It represents my identity as piano is a big part of my life and is one of my favourite hobbies to do. The fourth and final image is a drawing of myself. It represents my identity as it is a picture of myself and shows what I look like. I feel that there is harmony in my artwork as all the images are black and white which makes them work well together. I feel there is also emphasis in the cubism artwork with the netball against the lighter black and white background.

My artwork was made using five different types of media. These were drawing, collage, cubism, charcoal and photography. To create this artwork, I had to create each of the individual artworks separately. The drawing of myself was created using pencil. I tried adding some shading around the face to add dimension. The collage of my piano was created using a printed black and white image of my piano that I had taken myself. I then used a scalpel to cut out some white sections of the image. I cut out the keys and the music book and I then replaced the spaces with printed sheet music. The cubism artwork was created using pencil and a charcoal blender. I tried to blend each section to create a soft gradation. I then stuck on a printed picture of a netball and the letters that spell netball around the artwork. The charcoal image was created using charcoal to trace a black and white printed picture of me and my mum and then colouring the traced sections in with charcoal.

The person who inspired this artwork was me because it was my identity the artwork was based on. My artwork represents a personal issue as the artwork is all about my own personal identity. When creating the artwork, I tried to display a happy emotion. I feel that even though the artwork is all black and white it still displays a happy emotion as the people in the artwork are smiling and the artworks display fun things such as piano and netball.

My goal as an artist was to create a series of artworks that clearly represented the identity of me. I feel this artwork did help me to achieve my goal as I feel that all of the individual artworks within the final artwork show different parts of my identity in a clear way.

When creating this artwork, I learned how to do five new and different art techniques that I hadn’t tried before. My final piece is not exactly what I expected as I was going to include other artworks that would have helped to further show my identity but I ran out of time. However, the artworks I did include came out how I expected. This artwork will influence my future works because I might use charcoal more often as I found it easy and fun to do.