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Year 9 Visual Art - Grace

'Benji's Life'

My artworks have shaped the identity of my dog called Benji, he is a jack Russell cross miniature foxy. I have decided to call my series of artworks “Benji’s Life”. In it had pictures and drawings of him and Merli. Merli is our other dog and is a big part of Benji’s life, as she is his best friend. I have used the elements of colour, line, tone and shape.

The media techniques I have used is taking pictures and editing them to bring out different features of each photo. I have also used the media of paint to paint Benji’s face, I used different colours from what they are meant to be to show his bubbly personality. The technique cubism is in there, this was done on Merli’s face. I have used charcoal because it is easier to get the gradient and it makes the sharp edges powerful because of how dark it can get.

A few artists have inspired the artworks such as Henri Matisse, who does fauvism for the colourful painted picture of Benji. The cubism artwork was inspired by Picasso. I tried to demonstrate Benji’s personality, it’s tricky to do because he is such a happy dog but at the same time he sulks a lot. For that reason one picture is in black and white to try and show he can be sad sometimes.

The final pieces have turned out very well for my skills. I have learned it is tricky to try and map out a dogs personality. However, it was a little easier because I have had him his whole life so I knew what he has been through and why he would act like he does.