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Year 9 Visual Art - Ffion

'Alexander Taylor'

These artworks show the identity of my great grandfather, Alexander Taylor. Each piece was designed to show him in different ways, they express his background, what he liked and his characteristics. All of these pieces are small different ways that express him and help us to understand him as a person. The techniques of line, colour and tone were used to create these pieces, giving each one powerful statements.

The main art Medias used to create this was collage, drawing and photographs, painting was also used. This piece expresses a very personal connection, my great grandfather was always there for me and all of these pieces worked really well as something to commemorate him by. I tried to show him how I remember him, he was always bright and happy but you knew that his past in WW2 had affected him, this expressing the emotions of happiness most of the pieces but a personal sadness in others. This piece was a great way to help me get further in achieving my goals as an artist, I want to be able to share people’s lives and emotion by doing art and this helped me reach that, I was able to show him as a person but also what I remember him to be.

Overall I am happy I created this artwork, I think one of the biggest things in art is how much of an impact that piece plays on you, having something that emotionally attaches to you makes you feel so much prouder of what you have created and I think this will be a big thing going into any of the artworks I create in the future.