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Year 9 Visual Art - Elizabeth

'This is Me'

When working on creating 6 artworks that show the identity of myself, I used techniques that we as a class had learnt throughout this semester. These techniques that I have used include: Cubism (Created by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque), Photography techniques such as Contrast, rule of thirds and golden point, texture and collage techniques used by William Kentridge. For the 6 artworks that I created I have created an artwork that shows acrobatics preforming on stage in front of an empty crowd. The dancers are highlighted with bright vibrant colours while the audience is completely black and grey. This Artwork has been inspired by my love of dancing acrobatics and the times that I have performed in front of the crowd and yet feel as if it is only myself and my team on stage.

The next two artworks consist of charcoal used to underline words that have a deeper meaning in my life and pages from books that use these words, this is the technique of William Kentridge. In one of the works I have added photos of desert roses that my father has grown to show my connection through nature and my early life in Alice springs where I grew up around these flowers.

In the other there is a picture of my portrait outlined with charcoal and coloured graphite on top of the word and pages ripped out of the book. The next artwork is a drawing traced by myself, Mali Mancer and Rylea Swart. It has been traced with charcoal and graphite showing techniques of shading and line. This artwork means a lot to me because it is sowing my best friend Mali who has now moved. In this artwork I was hoping to give the message of how important relationships are.

The 5th one is an artwork inspired by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque and their ideas of Cubism. While this artwork is inspired by Pablo and Georges, I have added a little bit of me in there by photographing and adding butterflies to this artwork to show my identity. I have added butterflies to again show my connection to Mother Nature and how important it is to have a relationship with her. The final piece is a photograph of my little brother and I standing outside of dream world. In this artwork it shows how important and how close I am to my family. It also shows the sign of dream world, this is basically showing that I am a kid at heart and always will be. While creating my art I overall learnt how connected to nature I am and y main values in life.​