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Year 9 Visual Art - Colby

The person I have chosen is my nan.

My artwork is a printed-out sunset with three crosses on it. The sunset got printed out way to small as we needed it to be bigger, but it was our third time printing it, so I had to think of an idea. Mrs. Holland had an idea that I could use colored pencils to extend the sunset that had been printed out to small so the three crosses could fit on perfectly on the A3 paper. Then on the bottom I painted it all black with black pen ink. Then I found a great image of me and my grandma and glued it onto the top where the blank area was, to show that is about her. The tools and materials to create my artworks were. Printer to print out the photos and crosses. Glue to glue it all on. Colored pencils to extend the sunset so the crosses could fit on it properly. Black ink for the bottom of the image because I didn’t need color on the rest of the artwork. On my other artwork I used the techniques that we learnt in class. My great grandma loved the beach, so I decided to do the triangle technique with a fade of pencil and sticked down letters to make the word beach. I don’t know who inspired my artwork, I just have seen photos with three crosses on a sunset or sunrise, so I have been inspired by that, so I decided to do my own version. My artwork doesn’t show any environmental or social issues according in the world now.  My artworks don’t show any emotions except for my sunset one that has me and my grandma hugging and us being happy and enjoying the moment of time. The identity I have chosen is my great grandmother, the reason I have chosen her is because she is a inspiration and a legend. My goal as an artist is to be at least decent and not bad, I also want to make art that I and other people will like. I don’t think these art pieces achieved my goal because they aren’t amazing, and I would love to do better next time. In my artworks I have leant how to extend a sunrise so it fits the page and blend it in, so it looks the same, I also have used new techniques I have used and learned during this term that Mrs. Holland has taught me and the rest of the class.