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Year 9 Visual Art - Bronte

A Look into Bronte's Mind

My artwork is a series or 6 images, drawings and paintings that map a chosen person’s life and personality, I chose to do this task om myself to try and get to know me better and really see what I like. I have chosen to name my artwork “a look into Bronte’s mind” I chose this title because my artworks show what is going on in my mind and what I like to think about and enjoy. Throughout my artwork I have consistently kept the theme of identity and most of my artworks are drawings or paintings.  I think the most obvious element shown through my art is some sort of drawing with many colours and textures. I created my series of artwork over the past 6 weeks and I find the most used medium is coloured pencils and water colour pencils. I mainly used common household tools like scissors, pencils, paint, and paper I also used charcoal and posca paint pens.

Some techniques I learnt and used in my artwork is how to use charcoal, in my first artwork I chose a picture and printed it in black and white I then put a piece of tracing paper over it and took it to the light box. After tracing around the outlines of my picture I filled on the empty spaces with charcoal and graphite, once the artwork was finished, I sprayed it with a sealant so none of the charcoal would rub off. After I was lost for ideas for a new piece of art I decided to try editing one of my photos, I did not have a specific editing technique but I just tried out different things and adjusting the settings on the photos. I also used a app called avatan where you can add a filter/effect to your photos, I found a filter that adds clouds to the photo I erased the filter where I dint want it and just left it in the sky. My artwork was mainly inspired by my imagination and what I envision myself to look and act like, I look at my Pinterest page quite frequently and I feel that it inspires my personality and didn’t necessarily give me ideas for my artwork but inspired ideas. I do not find my art to have any social or emotional issue but I did try to portray a relatively happy and bubbly mood because although I might come off as a rough and strong person I find when I’m comfortable I can be quite light and cheerful. I have never really thought about a future as an artist and if I’m being honest I only chose art because I don’t like the other electives, but at the start of the term I didn’t really like art but now I have found once I get into it that is all I want to do. I did not set an end goal that I wanted to reach by the end of this task but it has actually made me enjoy art a bit more and shown me when I want to I can produce some decent looking artworks. While creating my 6 artworks I found I enjoy art and can make some nice and unique looking pieces, I did not have an end image of my art set in my mind but I am happy with my results. I do not imagen continuing art as an elective in farther years seen as I’m moving schools but if I did decide to I think I would use the knowledge I have from these task and use it to explore mor art styles and techniques.