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Year 9 Visual Art - Ambrosia

12 Years of Ambrosia

My artwork is called 12 years of Ambrosia, it Is of a series of collages shaping my identity. I chose to identify myself. I mapped my interests and personalities through photos over time. The technique I used to create my artwork was collaging. My artwork shows my identity through the last 12 years, as it shows my interest and reflects on my personality. On the right I have created a collage that shows my interests and how I was seen as a person between the ages of 2-8, this artwork shows my identity because throughout my life, different personalities and interests has shaped the person I am today. On the left I’ve used multiple photos and layered different body parts over my base photo, all the photos are from over the last 12 years, and they have been used to map out my identity throughout those times. My goal for this artwork was to identify myself through collaging, my opinions on my artwork wasn’t excellent but still had a level of effort. If I were to improve I would have used my time more wisely or used a different technique for my artwork, because I found my idea a little bit struggling.