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 'Strength Lies in Differences Not in Similarites'

Nife and I, artwork represents culture and diversities. We are showing that no matter where you come need it doesn’t matter, we are equal.

We don’t have a title for our artwork but we have a quote. We used paints and fabric paint. We would paint on our hands the flags then place them around the board. For the quote we printed out stencils and used black paint to roll across the stencils so the words are clear and neat. What inspired Nife and I was just that we thought maybe we should do something that represents every culture and I also thought about NAIDOC week coming up and thought about different. It shows a social issue about being treated differently because of where you come from.

My goal is to get people to understand what the artwork means and that they should take that into consideration other cultures. This piece will help me reach my goal when it gets put up on the wall outside of the cooking room. I learned that differences are beautiful and that art is fun when you try your best and put in effort. The final piece is what I imagined and what I expected it to look like, but before we started painting I thought that we would be painting on a wall but it turns out we are punting it on a wooden board. This art work has showed that I have improved this term on my effort in art.