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NASA (2021) have requested the design of a potential, self-sustainable base for future exploration and population of the hostile environment currently known as Mars. The future possibilities for a Mars base include; population of another planet to allow the Earth to restore itself. Alongside assistance in provisions of technological advances through mining of different materials, finding nutrition within the dirt that coats the planet’s surface will contribute toward sustaining life.

To meet a need for expansion, a mars base including key points from previously explored designs, as well as individual additions that are beneficial, is to be designed. Where the intended design within this project will push these further, the overall design is proposed to include not only basic needs for self-sustainability, but also research and manufacturing. This base will need to include: a water recycling plant, greenhouse, housing, a common area, workshops, research facilities and a rover garage; all of which allow for self-sustainability of the base. If a design were to be over designed for both effectivity and material consideration, it would be looked at highly in comparison to the other entries. Over engineering a mars base would cause attention due to the extra detail to the safety and comfortability of the people who are on the endeavouring missions.

The end user of the base will includes the wealthy, and academic elite such as scientific experts, endeavouring to further their understanding within their field. When considering the end user and their use of the base, the specialists would achieve more advancements out of the design when being compared to the tourists of the facility because of the nature of their work. Due to lack of windows, as glass could possibly crack or break, causing a breach, Inhabitants would likely lose interest in staying inside a dome for moths at a time.