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The idea my final artworks are all based around is identity and with each image, it shows a bit of my own identity. Mainly demonstrating my own interests or things that represent what I like and my small hobbies or enjoyments of mine. The title of my artwork is called “Moi” and I have decided to call it this because it is an artwork that represents myself and I based it around my identity and “Moi” is French for “Me”.

Many elements were used in this artwork such as colour and line. The colour and lining techniques used gave more of an outstanding and eye-catching look because it outlined and gave all the focus onto certain parts which is what I hoped to achieve. Using a vary of colours to make the painting stand out a little more and line was also used a lot as I wanted to keep all the small artworks in the shape of circles because it kept it neat and also outlined each one a little more.

A large part of my artwork is centred around the environment I have grown up in. I believe that exploring this idea is smart and motivating as I have a strong connection to the atmosphere surrounding me. The main media I used for this artwork was watercolour and photography. Not only was the photo from the photography media but a couple of painting were based around photography. The painting of the camera represents my photography hobby and the painting of the lake scenery was created from a photo taken by myself. My artwork was created from a lot of tests and decisions had to be made before deciding what colours and watercolour techniques I would use for my final result.

With this artwork I tried to represent myself as an individual by using things that surround me in this community. Like nature and things people see from me. One of my goals while creating this work of art was to try to express myself as much as possible through art as this was an identity assessment. I achieved this goal as I included many things that represent me and my identity. I learnt while creating this that a lot of planning and tests have to be taken to figure out what I want as the final and to experiment as it helps a lot. This artwork as taught me a lot about art so I believe that in the future I will be more experienced with the planning as I have tested a lot of things. It also helps that I use mind maps to help with ideas.