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'Simple Beauty'

“Simple beauty” is the name of my sculpture to which depicts the meaning of beauty, in its most simple form. The sculpture through its curvaceous circles provides the audience with a safe and warm feeling. The whole concept of “Simple beauty” is to showcase beauty through a suggestive form and incorporating elements that make up what we see as beautiful. The elements that make it so simply beautiful is its plain colour and the lack of complexity in the circles.

To create my sculpture, I had various idea’s however the unity of circles definitely was the one that stood out to me the most. Although creating this sculpture was quite rushed and to actually form the plaster we used circles out of masking tape and created circles using paper to then which we poured the plaster in the moulds. After it had set their was multiple issues with some of the circles, some of them had cracked and others had fallen apart. However the remainder were still in good condition to which I think managed to form by plastering them together a balanced piece of art. This concluded the production of my artwork.

The interrupted crossover between the two circles is a representation of unity and harmony. It represents unity, the two circles unite through a crossover in the centre. Unity is beautiful because the world is full of unification, whether that be marriage or other things its meaning, coming together is symbolically beautiful. The incorporation of balance in this art piece is the foundation of the bottom circles which hold the two circles unifying on top. This is a representation of beauty through its strong foundation and the balance of the world. It also can be perceived to represent joyful and happy emotions as it almost suggest a abstract rainbow. Yet the most beautiful element to me is the rough and rugged surface that suggest a ancient representation, to which can perceived as timeless beauty.

My goals in this unit were to create something meaningful suggestive and step out of my comfort zone. I believe I completed this goal through, using plaster and all different forms and techniques of making a sculpture. Overall my piece of art I think turned out ok, I had imagined my other ideas would have worked out better, however it didn't and I used this piece of art instead which i think was a bit rushed. However it overall still provided a meaningful message and suggestive abstract piece of art to which represented beauty in its simplest form.