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Australia's Natural Beauty

My final artwork’s theme “Australia’s Natural beauty” is a collection of a very special place that “I love”. The Artwork is of “Australia’s Natural beauty”. The main artwork is of Uluru, to me Uluru is Australia’s most iconic landmark and when I was creating my artwork, I could not have an artwork without it, to me it is a must have. 

In order to create this I had use a multitude of colours to create a painting that represents the natural shapes and tones of the land. I created this artwork with only a memory to use as a reference. Before I started to paint, I drew the outline on a A3 piece of paper then I began to paint it. I painted the sky first then the trees, the ground and then Uluru.

This painting is meant to represent a memory and seeing Uluru for me was lifelong dream and I’m very privileged to have seen it. The photos scattered around the painting are of the plants and the natural bush around good shepherd. I see these plants every day and I have been seeing them for many years. So, I thought it would only be fitting to show some of Australia’s natural beauty.