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It's Not Too Late'

Our artwork is a ying and yang with the world melting into space. The meaning that we have put behind our art piece is that we are polluting our world so much that we are destroying our world. We have chosen to call our work ‘ITS NOT TOO LATE’ because we are trying to say that we can stop this.

In our art piece we have used many elements of art including that it was a closed and large shape, the tone of it is strong and dramatic, the textures we have use are bold and bumpy which is the moon, the lines that we used throughout our piece are controlled and interrupted and the colours that we used in it were bright, cool and earthy. This piece is made from paint and the letters are made from stencils. We had to do many things to get this done we used roles to do the background we used the pallet knife to do the moon and we also used a toothbrush to do the stars.

The thing that inspired us to do our piece about global worming was how over the years one of the biggest things that people have being trying to stop so we thought maybe a creative art piece cold help motivate people. This artwork expresses a social issue. We are hoping that this image will help people start making a difference on our world. When creating this artwork, I learnt that it took a lot of different techniques to create this piece.

This piece looks so much better than I thought because from the designs in my book that I did I never thought that it would have come out like this.