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'Beauty Simplified'

This artwork is a simple five petal flower made to represent beauty. It is beauty simplified using round aesthetically pleasing shapes to create a flower. The artwork is named Beauty Simplified as it is an abstract flower broken down to an idea, shape and abstraction are the most important parts of this as it shows how concepts are beautiful.

The artwork is an armature piece inspired by Pablo Picasso by taking a beautiful thing in nature like a flower and then breaking it down into an idea. The colour white was used to paint the entire thing to give a sense of blankness and potential giving the audience the opportunity to create their own image using the concept I’ve created.

The piece was made by using wire as the skeleton and a stocking was placed over this to cover the wire and the design took shape. White paint covered the artwork and the wood it was placed on to complete it. As an artist I want everyone to take away something different from my artworks and not make one singular meaning but rather an idea left open to interpretation. The piece met this goal by breaking the flower down to a concept so someone could fill in the blank.

I learned how to physically make an armature piece but also that less is more and that beauty isn’t a fixed thing that can be placed in a box. This less is more concept is something ill try and continue through future works.