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My artwork looks like a cartoon Shazam drawing. It features the main Colors of red, yellow and blue as well as black being the outline colour. Shazam has SAGE written down his chest instead of a lightning bolt and he also has braces. He has yellow boots and yellow arm bands. At the bottom of the artwork it says SHA- SAGE as his action power and a lightning bolt going through the name as well as a yellow footy in the corner of


The subject matter is a repurposed Shazam that looks like me, except he has his own new new catch phrase and a added a footy in the corner of the artwork.

When I was first creating this art piece I didn’t know what I was actually going to do. First I started off with writing my name and adding pictures to the letters of my name.  

Then I thought that that didn’t feel right so I got really stuck with what to do. Then I thought I could copy a picture from the internet and draw it myself and this I thought was a very good idea and I wanted to stick with this. Then I got online and found a few but I couldn’t really draw that good, that’s when Ms Holland gave me a good idea to create my artwork using the projector and trace my drawing onto a piece of wood. While drawing this art piece Ms Holland told me that I couldn’t just copy it I had to add my own features. After drawing I added a few of my own features like my braces and my hair colour along with my surname down the chest of my drawing. After that I coloured it all in and added my own things to. After finally finishing my drawing I went over the black outlines in my drawing to make them bright and stand out.

I was inspired by the superhero Shazam. He inspired me because he is my favourite superhero, he has super strength and is super fast like me. In this drawing I tried to show my happiness and my creativity.

My goals as an artist is too create cool photos and use other images and turn them into other cool images. This piece helped me reach my goal because I was able to copy this image and add my own personal traits

I learnt that an outline is really important when creating a cartoon art piece. I also learnt how to trace an image from the projector. This final artwork is better then how I imagined it.