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My artwork looks like an armature sculpture which represents beauty in nature. Water and the ocean are one beautiful aspect of nature, and the sculpture is shaped like two waves to represent the beauty of water and the ocean. Some elements and principles that are most obvious in my work could be the use of curved and organic shapes which have flowing and rounded edges. The use of symmetry can also be seen in my artwork on both the bigger and smaller wave. Both of these elements are what the world classifies as beautiful.

My artwork was made using the technique of armature. To create it, I had to poke the ends of the wires into the holes in the woodblock and glue them into place. I could then bend the wires to whatever shape I wanted, and I decided to make them look like waves. I then had to place a stocking over the wire on both the bigger and smaller wave and bring the stockings all the way down, so that they were touching the woodblock. Then all I had to do was paint over the stockings using plaster and let it dry. However, when I was painting the plaster on the stockings, it made them heavy, and they started drooping down so I had to find some objects to place under the curve of the waves to help keep them up so they could dry in place.

This artwork was inspired by the beauty of the ocean and waves as that is what the artwork is based off and what the artwork is representing. My artwork represents a personal issue because the artwork is based on something, I personally believe is beautiful, but it could also represent a social issue as many people find the ocean and water beautiful. I tried to express a happy emotion in my artwork and although, the artwork is quite plain as it is just one colour it still reminds people of the ocean and beaches which could trigger positive memories and happy emotions.

My goal as an artist was to create a sculpture which clearly represented and showed beauty in nature and in particular represented beauty in water and the ocean. I feel that this artwork did help me to achieve my goal as the artwork clearly shows the shape of a wave and represents the beauty of the ocean in a clear way.

While creating this artwork, I learnt how to use the armature technique to create sculptures and can now do it confidently. My final artwork is not exactly what I expected as I was going to include some zen rock wrapping around the base to add more interest to the artwork and also to help better represent the idea of beauty in nature as the rocks would have come directly from nature. The plaster was also too heavy for the stocking, and so it dips down in the middle instead of being level with the wire throughout the whole artwork. The plaster also didn’t paint on very well and is sort of bumpy and not even over the whole sculpture. However, the shape of the waves in the artwork are what I expected and how I imagined them looking. This piece might influence my future works because I might use the technique of armature more often as I found it fun to do.