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The title of my artwork is called 'Beach Crab Surrounded By Plastic'. It looks like a crab on the beach, it is surrounded by plastic and bottle caps. The subject matter is the crab being surrounded by waste, my crab is very obvious, my sand, paint, bottle caps and plastic are obvious as well.

In my artwork, I used the elements of line, form, colour, and contrast. I used form because I made a 3D sculpture, I used line by having lines in my crab’s body shape, I used colour because the beach is yellow and the crab is bright red, and I used contrast because Red and yellow are almost opposite on the colour wheel.

I used mixed media to create my artwork because some of it is painting, and some is sculpture, and I used different materials for the sculpture parts. I used paint for the base where the crab goes, clay to make the crab, I used underglaze to paint the crab and carboard for the base of my artwork.

My artwork was inspired by creating a message of sustainability. My artwork shows an environmental issue of pollution on the beach, it shows this because there is plastic on the beach. I tried to show sadness in my artwork by showing pollution on the beach.

My artwork followed what I wrote in my artist intention because I said I was going to use paint and sculpture and that I was going to use glue. My piece did help me reach my goals because my goals were to use sculpture to make a crab that has colour. In my future artworks I will know how to use paint, glazes, and clay to make a sculpture, these are new techniques I learned.

I learnt how to sculpt and I learned new techniques for painting, I also learned that you can’t use normal paint on clay, you have to use a special type of paint called underglaze. My artwork turned out how I imagined because the sculpture looks like a crab that’s really on the beach surrounded by plastic. This artwork will influence my future artworks because I learned new techniques in painting and sculpture.