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The title of my artwork is “Stop Polution”. My artwork looks like a bird with plastic stuck around it. The artwork is a polluted place with a bird, the rubbish is scattered and piled to give it form. I have scattered the rubbish in a way that makes it look like there’s more. The media I used was sculpture, made from rubbish I found at school.

The tools I used were a hot glue gun, sculpture, and the process I used to build the bird, as well as painting the box and adding the rubbish. The techniques were scattering to maek it more dramatic.

My artwork is inspired by sustainability, it shows pollution on our land and how it affects our wildlife and habitats. In my artwork, I tried to show the emotion of sadness, I did this by wrapping the bird in the plastic to make it look like it was stuck.

I think the artwork reached my goals because I got the rubbish piled and I was able to show the bird in there. This piece went as planned, it ended up better than I imagined, but I could improve it by adding a bigger background in order to add more birds.

By making this artwork, I learned how much rubbish there is in nature, and that the hot glue gun is really hot. The artwork turned out better than I thought it would, it will influence my future artworks because I will be able to recycle rubbish to make an artwork, I hope it will also influence people to recycle more.