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The name of my artwork is `Polluted Galaxy`. My artwork looks like the galaxy that is polluted and dying. It has a big Earth sculpture that is sitting on a pile of rubbish, which shows that the Earth is covered in rubbish. The subject matter of my artwork is a sculpture of the Earth and galaxy with rubbish in it. The art element that is the most obvious is the rubbish. There is a lot of rubbish, so it stands out the most.

I used rubbish as a big part of my artwork. I chose to use rubbish because rubbish refers to pollution. By using rubbish as such a big part of the artwork it shows how polluted the Earth is. My artwork is made with clay, paint on cardboard, and rubbish. I stuck the rubbish down with hot glue and have some pieces hanging from the roof.

The inspiration for my art was my love and passion for nature. I wanted to spread the message of pollution and warn people of what is coming. My artwork expresses an environmental issue because it is based on pollution. In my artwork I tried to express the emotion of sadness, anger, fear, and guilt. I wanted to express these emotions so people could think twice about their actions and change their mindset.

My artwork followed my goals. Those goals were showing the environmental issue of pollution and spreading awareness. This piece helped me to reach my goal of spreading awareness of pollution. I can use this piece of art as a stepping stone to becoming better at spreading the message of pollution. I like to try and spread the message of pollution whenever I can.

During the process of making the artwork I learnt more about pollution and how much it is affecting the environment. I also learnt how much rubbish the people at our school use and throw into the garden. The artwork mainly turned out how I imagined except I put a galaxy in the background to support my Earth sculpture. I think it looks better with the background because it has more context, and it has a setting. This piece will influence my future artworks because I know how to express the message of sustainability in my artwork.