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Describe My Artwork

Riley and my artwork is based off a Jordan 1s and we tried to make the colours a bit darker and different and add and change a few things. The subject matter is shoes because I like shoes. The title is Jump this is because Michael Jordan’s shoes has a jump man as the logo, but we changed it to the Chinese symbol for jump because its shows some of my heritage. The elements of my shoes has a strong tone and bold colours.

How Did I Create My Art?

The media my artwork is a bit of a mix of markers and paint and I had my own tag on the top right. The tools that I used to help create my artwork was paintbrushes and some fine little paints that Mrs Holland has, and I used markers and pencil for the outline of the drawing and for the sketches. I used like a hard carboard to put the design on. A technique that I used was tracing to create the shoe and to do the Chinese symbol.

What Is the Big Idea behind your artwork?

What inspired me to do this artwork was just my love of shoes because these are one of my favourite shoes, so I wanted to make them a bit more unique and different to other versions. My artwork does not really express any issues it kinda expresses me because there is some Chinese and just a range of colours all mixed up. I did not show any emotions in my artwork except for my love for shoes.

What Were Your Goals for This Artwork?

My goals as an artist is to make people relaxed and just calm when they look at my artwork so they can get rid of all their troubles. This piece I felt this piece did achieve my goal because when I looked at it I just felt relaxed.

What Were Your Overall Thoughts of Your Artwork?

My overall thoughts is that I could have done something a bit more challenging than this one and this piece wasn’t to the best of its ability. A main thing that I learnt was that I can challenge my self a bit more. The final piece is close to what I imagined. This piece will influence my other artworks to be harder.